Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet mixed media artist Luyanda Zindela

I was born in 1991 in Durban where I was  raised and where I currently live and work.    My interest in Art began in Primary School.    I had a very short attention span and my teachers soon found out that art was the only thing I could concentrate on for long periods of time.   My family did not allow me to choose art as a subject in High School.    I did the usual subjects like Maths and Physics.   
When I passed Matric well enough to satisfy my family, I chose to study
Fine Art at  the DUT (Durban University of Technology). 

I completed my Degree in Fine Art in 2012.   I have exhibited in small group shows such as the Identify Me exhibition which was held at the  BAT  Centre.   I specialize in drawing and photography and I have integrated both mediums in my current work.  

Parody and social commentary play a key role in my current work.

Artist’s Statement

Entitled Mutual Indifference, my work investigates the rift that exists between  youth and government.   This rift is perpetuated by perceptions that exist on both sides.    Government is perceived by youth to be dragging its feet or unaware of the plight of ordinary citizens, whereas  youth is perceived by government as ignorant or completely uninterested in the state of the nation and state affairs.

Both youth and government have acknowledged that there is a need for discourse, a need for both sides to somehow find each other and to begin to work together;   but neither side has made any genuine effort to bridge the gap and close this growing rift.

My artworks place both entities (youth and government) in the same space.   Even though both entities are occupying the same space, each entity is completely engrossed in its own world.